Greetings to all Participants! "Olá!"

Did you choose your track? Was it Conflict Management? Or you are more into Project Management? 

No matter which track you pick, the ESN Autumn Training Évora will help you and elevate your skills to a whole new level.

Be ready to learn and enjoy your stay at our beautiful city, Évora!


4 days, 4 skilled trainers and 2 tracks designed to make your soft skills shine!

ESN Autumn Training is a training event that aims at improving skills and knowledge of motivated ESNers. During this event participants will have the opportunity to learn more about one of two tracks: Conflict Management and Project Management. The event will be hosted by Portugese section ESN UEvora!

"Our city, Évora" by the OC

"Évora an old city from XII century, with 8,000 university students, It's embraced not only by its fortress walls, but by traditions and history born along the centuries.
Churches, squares, streets, wheat fields and hills, reservoirs and streams, lonely landscapes, all of unique beauty; welcoming people, distinctive handicraft, rich gastronomy, scents and flavours... These are some of the innumerable elements that make Évora a place you not only want to come back to, but never leave!"


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