Áshrama Évora Dhyána - Yoga Centre - is a philosophical and cultural association exclusively dedicated to the promotion and teaching of primordial Yoga - the Yoga Sámkhya - with more than 9000 years of existence, multifaceted and complete, affiliated in the Yoga Lusa Federation. In parallel with the management of classes at Áshrama Évora Dhyána - Yoga Centre - we intend to increase the dynamics of activities for society in general, in partnership with local entities in Alentejo. 

The Yoga center offer a student's discout for all the ESNcard holders:

1. registration fee - 20€ (1x per week = 35 €/month | 2x per week = 45 €/month) 
2. 3-month packs (1x/week = 90€ | 2x per week = 115€)