You are not an "Evorasmus" until you do all of this tasks:

1 - Visit Alto de São Bento by sunset
2 - Live our University parties like "Recepção ao caloiro", "Arraiais" and "Queima das fitas"
3 - Visit Manel dos Potes (a small and trational tavern, cheap and friendly) and drink Abafadinho
4 - Taste our traditional food, desserts and wine
5 - Enjoy the view from the Cathedral and from Jardim Diana
6 - In the end of the night/ at the dawn, go eat "bifanas" at municipal market
7 - Meet Beato Salu
8 - Spend a sunny afternoon at the public garden
9 - Go drink "canhas" at Aqui há Gato. Canha is half of a glass of beer
10 - Listen Cante Alentejano and see the costumes
11 - Chill out with a drink in Harmonia
12 - Take a kizomba class
13 - Try gin Alentejano at the Ginbar
14 - Listen to Tunas - academic band
15 - Take a photo with a students "traje" cape
16 - Walk around city center to see the monuments and important marks
17 - Drink bagaço
18 - Go for a run in ecopista
19 - Visit the theater
20 - Make or show up at a house party
21 - Participate in a Pubcrawl
22 - Go try Lavrador toasts
23 - Spend an afternoon in "Tetos"
24 - Take a picture to a peacock
25 - Learn how to burn a "chouriço"
26 - Hold a glass with your right hand in a dinner and learn how to sing "mão direita é penalty"
27 - Do a botellon at Sé or Jardim Diana
28 - Find out the poems inside the Chapel of Bones and what does the entrance description means
29 - Close Praxis
30 - Meet ESN-UÉvora members